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I learn something new every day!

"You learn something new every day!"

We've all heard that expression, sure, but I actually believe it!  We used to gather the family at the dinner table every night, and ask each child to share something they learned that day.  I wonder how much of that they remember? :-) 

Trouble is, while I DO learn new things all the time, I keep forgetting them!  So, I will keep a list!

YESTERDAY (I nearly forgot it, so I'm writing it here):  Lobsters are cannibals!

When you buy live lobsters (I don't buy them, just watch other people buying them), they always have the claws taped up.  I thought this was to prevent lobster attack as they are being lowered into the pot.  NO!  It's to PROTECT THE OTHER LOBSTERS!  This is so thoughtful!  Lobster, don't kill your lobster people, let me do it!  And then eat them with butter.  Yum.  :-)

TODAY:  You don't need the string; just use your finger!
This SHOULD be a no-brainer!  Why DO they put strings and little tags on teabags?  It's a lot of unnecessary labor, and excess paper/string waste, for sure.  Some people use the string to wrap around the teabag and squeeze out all the tea, but there lies the danger of cutting into the bag and releasing loose tea into your cup.  I used to use the little tag to press on the teabag and squeeze out all the tea, but my English tea doesn't have little tags or string -- Hey, my finger works just as well!

New Cu Buidhe

Happy Anniversary!

Thanks, everyone, for all your warm wishes and congratulations.  Being married for 38 years is easy, if you marry the right person!  Not that much has changed for us, I don't think.  We honeymooned in Colonial Williamsburg and enjoyed a few celebration dinners of seafood on the Atlantic coast.  Yesterday, we celebrated in one of our favorite seafood restaurants, on the San Clemente Pier on the Pacific, and discussed our passion for all things 14th century.  I'm not sure what we were thinking when we decided to get married so young, but I've never regretted it for one day (well, maybe for ONE day, maybe TWO, but no more... okay, THREE).  I think what we believed to be true, then, we found to be true, now:  Whatever we could have hoped to become as individuals, we far exceeded as a couple.  I am, He is, because We are.

April 29, 1972
see photo here:!/photo.php?pid=30679762&id=1378056664
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A public service announcement...

Now that it is officially party season,* I thought I might like to offer a few tips for for a successful season**.  Some people*** are very experienced and adept party-goers, but I've come to realize that most of us can benefit from a few reminders! 

So, here they are:

1.  RSVP = "Répondez s'il vous plaît", a French phrase that asks you to "please respond", whether to confirm attendance or to decline the invitation.   It requires, then, a YES or NO answer, not, simply, "I'm calling to RSVP." 

Letting your host know whether or not you will attend  very often makes a difference in the amount of food or chairs needed, whether or not parking is adequate, and eases worry over whether everyone has arrived safely to the party destination. 

2.  Guests do not invite guests. . . that is, without asking the host if it is okay.  Spouses (boyfriends/girlfriends, whatever you want to call them) are usually okay, unless you have received a formal invitation (like to a wedding) and there is no mention of a guest attending with you. 

Usually, your guests may be welcome, but ASK FIRST.

3.  Children may be  welcome, but, again, ASK FIRST.  If the invitation was addressed to your family, children should be welcome! 

Please do NOT bring children to an obviously adult party**** and, if you do bring your children, PLEASE SUPERVISE THEM. 

If there is a swimming pool on the premises, or if the party is beside a lake or on the beach, DO NOT TAKE YOUR EYE OFF OF YOUR CHILDREN.  It is not anyone's responsibility to keep them safe but yours.

4.  Pay attention to the HOUSE RULES.  If there ARE any, that is! :-)  At Osd Cu Buidhe, we have only a few, but they are very important!

  • If you see a closed door, DO NOT OPEN.*****  We have cats who are not allowed outside, but I shouldn't need to justify this, as it is my house.****** Mind your manners!  :-)
  • Absolutely NO GLASS near the pool.  We have many plastic choices for your favorite beverage.
  • The refrigerator in the kitchen is off-limits, unless you live in my house or I have given birth to you.  You are welcome to enjoy whatever you find in the refrigerator in the garage.  You are also welcome to ADD anything to the refrigerator in the garage.  Sharing is a good thing!
  • NEVER put your drink on the piano!
  • No Wet Seats in the house, please.  HEY, if we're all outside, that's where you should be, as well.
  • Come prepared to have fun!  Please do NOT attempt to use my computer or watch my television or sit and text your friends.  Play with me, and my other guests, or go home.
5.  A good party is only as good as the guests make it!******* 

You were invited to a PARTY, not a movie!  Please do not sit and wait to be entertained. . . engage in conversation, participate in the planned games or activites, offer to help with the cooking or serving refreshments, etc. 

Being a good guest is so much more important than being able to throw a good party!

6.  Remember to thank your host/hostess for a marvelous time. You're sure to be invited back next time!  :-)

* officially, summer (and, officially, my season!)
** officially, EVERY season is party season at Osd Cu Buidhe!
*** Cliar Cu Buidhe
**** one that might include whoring, public drunkenness or unbridled thievery
***** DO NOT OPEN, really!
****** Hey, there could be ANYTHING in there!
******* this is the most important one!


The 7th Annual Cliar Cu Buidhe Birthday Bash is next Saturday, July 4th.  If you don't have any plans to celebrate that day, and would like to help us celebrate our birthday, drop me a line and I'll send you the details. 

For the rest of you, have a safe and happy 4th of July!
New Cu Buidhe

A rose by any other name...

Cat Stevens was on Leno last night.  He's a bit older, and hasn't been Cat Stevens for over 30 years.  His name is Yusuf. 

But, he's back, and I still love him.  The love might be a bit wrinkled, but it's there.

That is a very comforting feeling.
New Cu Buidhe

Hi, Honey! I'm home!

We did it and we did it well.  At least as well as possible, under the circumstances.  And I, personally, did not die (as I hoped to, several times), run away (as I threatened to), or leave the SCA forever (as I thought I might have to).

Pentathlon 2009 is over.  If you participated, congratulations!  You rocked the house, really!  You all really inspire me, truly.

Most of you, who were interested, came to see the entries yesterday.  If you missed my entries, I will be discussing most of the details in becomingbeathog , as most were tied to my own persona development challenge. 

[But, first, I have to find my passwords and my emails and my address book and my photos and all my documentation.  While I was at Pentathlon yesterday, my computer committed suicide.  Luckily, miss_eabha 's gentleman friend was here to save the bits and install a new computer.  He assures me all is still there... I just can't find them!]

I am so proud of Team Cliar Cu Buidhe: bardelder , miss_eabha , caitlincw , estokien , beathog (who all had individual entries, as well) laumlyu , and rampantmouse .  We entered, to my best recollection, 6 Visual, 2 Culinary, 7 Fiber,  12 Performance, 4 Functional and 3 Compositional Entries.  Then, we drank several Margaritas, each, and fell asleep.

We came home with quite a few 1st and 2nd place certificates.  Yay!  But, the very best...

miss_eabha 's Persian dance was selected by HRM Kolfinna as one of her favorite entries!   She was so excited and bardelder  and I (and all the rest of CCB) are SO proud of her!  Thank you, kottr , for all the wonderful things you said about our baby girl. :-)

caitlincw , bardelder  and I were awarded L'Honneur De La Chansons!  bardelder  and I received this award last summer by TRMs Edward and Mora for our troupe performances, and now we have received the award for our individual vocal, instrumental and dramatic performances over the years.  We are so honored, and were so humbled by kottr and svendog 's kind words.

We <3 our king and queen!


Please, any of you who are on the Laurel's list, forward our most sincere appreciation to those that came yesterday, especially to those who came back after judging a full day, to talk to us about our entries and offer words of encouragement to us all.  You must know how very important that is to all of us!  Please take a moment to try and imagine the amount of hours we have put into our efforts.  If we don't have your support, or capture your interest, it can be pretty disappointing.  We also appreciated those of you who attended our performances.  It is VERY hard to perform in a classroom, standing beside the teacher's desk, leaning against an overhead projector and staring into an evil smoker poster.  We don't usually perform to be judged, but, rather to please an audience.  Thanks, everyone, for helping us out and making it seem a bit more familiar.  Also, if any might have seen any of my entries but did not have the opportunity, yesterday, to speak to me about them, please find me at a future event.  I welcome your comments and suggestions!

A very personal, specific thank you to eowyna ! 

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New Cu Buidhe

Happy Birthday...

usqueba !!!

We have so many household birthdays this month, we should rename it Fe-buidhe-ary!!


We celebrate your Natal Day when you were first a pup
And raise our tankards to your health now that you're all grown up
This Special Day - a holiday - your Sainted Mother's Whelping Day!
We celebrate your Natal Day when you were first a pup.
Now whistle for our frenchie lass who always does her part
Her humor creeps upon you like a silent, deadly fart
She'll journal friends as she sits watch; If she seems shy, just give her scotch!
Now whistle for our frenchie lass who always does her part.
We celebrate your Natal Day when you were first a pup
And raise our tankards to your health now that you're all grown up
This Special Day - a holiday - your Sainted Mother's Whelping Day!
We celebrate your Natal Day when you were first a pup.


Much birthday love!
New Cu Buidhe

Happy Birthday...

[info]miss_eabha !


We celebrate your Natal Day when you were first a pup
And raise our tankards to your health now that you're all grown up
This Special Day - a holiday - your Sainted Mother's Whelping Day!
We celebrate your Natal Day when you were first a pup.

Now shimmy for our dancing girl with coins upon her ass
With lips a-shine with lip balm and her tongue so full of sass
She sings with zest - her sleeve is cool - her tasseled tribe is Ban-dál-ful!
Now shimmy for our dancing girl with coins upon her ass.

We celebrate your Natal Day when you were first a pup
And raise our tankards to your health now that you're all grown up
This Special Day - a holiday - your Sainted Mother's Whelping Day!
We celebrate your Natal Day when you were first a pup.


You'll always be my baby!

New Cu Buidhe

Just do it!



Go to and download this book, Suze Orman's 2009 Action Plan, for free!.  The offer expires next Thursday, January 15. 

Yes, I understand that you don't like Oprah Winfrey.  Who does?!  But, I love all of you**, and CARE that you are finacially secure and will stay that way.  There is some really good advise offered here.  Just look, okay?

I saw bits of the Oprah Show (this is how I heard of this free offer) and was SHOCKED.  The studio audience was full of people with huge credit card debt, many in amounts well over $50,000 (NOT including mortgage amounts).  That wasn't the shocking part....

... The shocking part was they were asked to do the following three things, as a sort of babysteps first warm-up to fix their money woes:

1.  Go ONE DAY without spending any money.
2.  Go ONE WEEK without using a credit card (of any kind).
3.  Go ONE MONTH without eating out at a restaurant.

ONE MONTH WITHOUT EATING OUT IN A RESTAURANT?!!!!!!!!!  NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was the deal-breaker for nearly half the audience!  One woman had nearly $80,000 in credit card debt, only $200 in savings, but she "didn't think she would be ABLE to stay out of restaurants for a month". 


Please, please be smart with your money, everyone.  This book really does have some good advise for all of us, no matter what our age or financial situation.  We've all made some mistakes in the past, but this is not the time to make more,  if we can help it.


*especially you, miss_eabha !
** but , I love miss_eabha  more. :-)
*** miss_eabha all of you KNEW I would say that!   XXO